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Your Attention Is Your Magic Wand

I was gifted a vivid “dream” recently wherein I flew through my subconscious mind and witnessed the main themes of my blocks/ where I had put my attention throughout my life –

Unavailable partners….


Surrounding myself with squalor….


Defending others at my own expense….

Anxiety and fear….

Having “friends” who don’t understand me or were taking advantage – imbalanced exchanges….

Not that these were the only places I put my attention, but I put enough of it there to dilute manifestations and create that which caused pain.

Misusing attention is literally blocking you from your desired life. It’s fueling creations you may not want. If it feels hard or impossible not to focus on certain areas or issues, this is what needs to be healed. Look at the roots of what you focus on and dissolve anything that isn’t in line with your deepest desires.

What is a magic wand?

A magic wand is simply an energy focusing tool. In this case, we don’t need an external representation of that – we have our attention. Where we focus our attention is where our energy goes.

Attention is the director of energy

Energy is life force/fuel

Life force is in the Womb

Attention directs the energy

We’ve heard it, we know it –

Where attention goes, energy flows

Attention is the most important resource we have (it’s not a resource itself; it is energetically more like a piercing needle that flows the resource which is life force energy, Kundalini Shakti)

Attention is Shiva; Creative energy is Shakti

Use Your Magic Wand Consciously

Time and money are two big modern day symbols of energy…so where are they going?

Like, down to the nitty gritty details..

Time blocking during the day is one way to become more aware and more in command. It might amaze you to see how often you are taking actions that do not move the vision forward, for example, how many times per day do you check your emails?

Can you batch tasks, leaving more time/attention for deep work that moves your vision forward?

one pointed mind ekagra
One Pointed Mind

One Pointed Mind – Ekagra

Ekagra is a concentrated, focused state of mind in which energy is directed cleanly and clearly. It is different than being distracted or stupified. Tools that help get closer to this state include inquiry, time blocking, reminding yourself why are doing what you are doing, and mantra.

We are always creators and always creating.

Getting a grip takes clearing out the roots and shoots to the anti-life programs that are instilled generationally, karmically, and collectively. The subconscious loves and recreates the familiar, which is identified as safe, even when that means reckless and crazy behaviors.

What are you focused on in your sensual life and how is it going?

You can tell what you give your attention to by what is in your life.

Let’s go over two common and connected experiences these days:

1) Your love life kind of sucks – your partner isn’t responsive

2) Porn is a mainstay in your love life

Since sexual energy is a potent form of Kundalini Shakti, where we put our sexual energy tends to be very creative. Meaning, we create with it.

Habitually putting attention on porn is a main hook of energy transmission. You are fueling both the business and the entity or egregore created from the business of porn. It also can create a lack of real sex as well as burn out your neurotransmitters, rather than replenishing them.

It creates sex that is performative, extreme, maybe violent. Or conversely, it creates desire disconnected from real life, constant yearning, craving, wanting rather than real life intimacy.

If partnered, it can create the sense of secrecy, division, and the partner feeling not good enough. That definitely dampers having real life, hot sex.

Fantasy and self-pleasure are both aspects of a healthy sex life but the porn epidemic breeds something far beyond either.

yogaSo what can you do?

Spend more of your Time and Attention focused on the sensual in real life….including your current partner. Begin to see them as the God/Goddess…. If that is too much of a stretch, ask yourself what do you see as the divine and why is that separate from what is in your life right now?

If you would like to go deeper into these topics, contact me and we can discuss the coaching packages that I offer. My roles as sensual coach, dominatrix, and healer have constantly evolved over the years. I have worked with hundreds of men, just like yourself, who want to take their sensual life to the next level and do not know where to start…or if their partner would be receptive.

I have a few spaces available for people who want to work with me. If that is you, reach out with your basic information or fill out the form below and we can chat about what would work for you.

Here are a few areas of focus:

*** Sexual issues, including anorgasm, ED, PE, being unhappy with your size or functioning

*** Alchemizing toxic patterns, unf*cking your life, embodiment and turning on sensuality, teaching sensual massage to move stuck energy, and low self-worth

*** Promiscuous men breaking addictions to sex and porn so you can be free and learn to truly connect.

*** Being clueless when it comes to pleasing women

*** Goddess worship (virtual only — this is sensual domination)

I have been coaching and doing healing sensual and Tantric work since 2014. Let’s talk soon!