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Sacred Sensuality Coaching

We dive deep into your areas of stuckness, shifting blocks so that you may be more free.

People often come to me when they are dealing with sexual issues, low self-esteem in areas of intimacy and connection, or other equally vulnerable places. The people that come to me are brave and ready for a change. I absolutely love getting in there with you are moving the beliefs and core issues that are limiting your life.

I help people with alchemizing toxic patterns, unfucking your life, embodiment and turning on sensuality, teaching sensual massage to move stuck energy, and beauty trauma. I also work with promiscuous men breaking addictions to sex and porn so you can be free and learn to truly connect. Tantric principles are weaved throughout our time together.

The Program

This is a high touch, personalized, and discreet offering for professionals. I work with a limited number of clients per year. Packages are customized and currently both virtual and in-person options are available.

Learn how to:

  • Overcome sexual issues and dysfunctions including PE, ED, and lack of confidence
  • Deepen and expand your sensual experience
  • Liberate your life from conditioning
  • Create genuine and authentic relationships
  • Break limiting habits and patterns

You will be guided into finding where your blocks are and how we can dissolve them and I will support and nurture through the process.

Who I Work With

  • Those who are open to digging deep and uncovering where the blocks are
  • People who want to shift from lukewarm to fully embodied. You are willing and desire to be more fully authentic to themselves and their path.
  • Those who seek to transform their approach to intimacy, relationship, and connection to be more in line with their actual truth and not what has been conditioned.
  • People who are willing to be vulnerable and release shame around sensuality.

The people who work with me are autonomous beings who take responsibility for their lives.

Note that the coaching program is an investment, with packages starting at 3 months long.

About Me

I have worked with over 1000 clients practicing Tantric and sensual bodywork, have written and produced 100+ articles and videos on several topics of interest including spirituality, Tantra, natural body care, and permaculture. I have had articles published on My Tiny Secrets, Plant Healer Magazine, Wild Sister, and Bad Witch. I hold both a M.Sc. and B.Sc.

Some of my teachers and training include: White Tigress intensives – private training, Sri Param Eswaran – private training, Harmony Tantra – private training, Psalm Isadora, Reiki certified, Herbal medicine certification, Sexological Bodywork training through the ErosSpirit Institute, in addition to thousands of hours of direct client work.

More importantly, my life has been largely about breaking limiting patterns within myself and becoming more free. My daily life includes sadhana (spiritual practice) ranging from mantra, devotion, visualization, and more. I’m a total health geek and avidly research functional medicine in my spare time.

How We Work Together

We will discuss the depth of the package that will best suit you. There are a few levels starting at 3 months minimum.

Apply Here

This is deep work. We start with the application and I will reach out from there. Make sure to check your spam folder!

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