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I almost had a virtual sensual massage experience whilst reading it (Sensual Massage Ebook)!

Beautifully articulated. So experienced you are though.


This made my month and now even I am wondering how do I put my blessings and experiences into words like how you did.


Isaac, Manifestor


“Now, when all my body receptors are calm down, biochemistry processes have stabilized my emotions and all my thoughts were analyzed and realized through meditations, I will try to share my experience with you as accurately as words will be able to explain them..

The Universe has its own rules and plans!

I do not believe in accident meetings…Fortuitousness is just an undiscovered regularity…

We met because someone from us was looking for that meeting…

I cannot speak for you but I, definitely, was looking for that meeting.

What, exactly, I was looking for? ….

I liked you from the first moment. You are a gorgeous woman!

I liked your calm voice and its tembr. It was so relaxing to listen to you!

I liked the tranquility of your movements. It was so hypnotic to observe you!

I liked your intelligence. It was so nice to discuss so many things during our conversations openly!

All that just created a some kind of trance by involving me inside my being.

I do not know if you showed that to me on purpose or I wanted to see that and the Universe just reacted to my desire… There are too many questions around us…

I learned a lot from you and hope that you also were able to get something from me…

I am infinitely grateful to you for everything you have shared with me! It will help me to be close to myself and others. Thank you!

I am very glad that our paths have crossed!

Thank you!

With infinite gratefulness and pure human unconditional love,”

~Alex, Engineer – Scientist – Professor


“Violet, your medicine has helped me so much already, it’s been 24 hours since I read it and I’ve already had at least a couple of “woah” moments where I realized stuff I do or stuff I create that carries on that “safe” pattern even though it actually feels like crap.

I realized multiple ways I could totally use my energy differently to create a life more in alignment for myself….. essentially I feel my somatic system really tipping to a healthier happier place because of your ebook. I’ve been doing some work on this recently and listening to a couple of other teachers, your ebook was really like a beautiful last push of lessons for it to really become an embodied thing.”



“Violet is a master teacher and coach and I learned so much on how to be a sensual lover. And she is so easy to talk to-she opened me up to new and exciting ideas – even got me out of my comfort zone which is what I desired. We uncovered new areas for me to explore. I highly recommend her programs to anyone who wants to learn about sensuality and take it to a higher level! A highly satisfied customer.”

~Ben, retired medical professional


“I have been working with Violet for some time now. I am constantly amazed  by not only by her professionalism in guiding and teaching the Tantric Arts. She really makes the whole experience focused on you and educates you along the way.

She has a special way about her in how she communicates and delivers the material. I truly enjoy every session with her leaving with a wanting desire and renewed zest for life.

Software engineer

“I felt unloved, asexual and depressed prior to seeking help from Violet. I was not exactly sure what to expect from the series of sessions, but was hopeful.

I quickly learned that I was not allowing myself to live in the moment and enjoy and embrace the world around me.

I also learned to actually like and embrace the part of my life that I had created and had permitted to create frustration and pain. And now I feel good about myself and the world I have created around me at this point of my life.

As well, I have a much stronger libido and look forward to expanding my sexual being.

Violet taught me that I have a lot to offer this world and my new positive attitude and demeanor will attract others to me.

I cannot express adequately how my sessions with Violet have positively changed my life. I would unequivocally recommend her services to anyone looking to find joy and self acceptance in their life.

Violet is truly an amazing healer!”

College Professor

“During a meditative exercise, I felt like my body was water and that their were ripples running through it. I was totally in a trance and could just feel these warm ripples. It was immense.”

Business Owner