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Replacing Relational Dysfunction with New Behaviors

Part 3

Once my system was much calmer and not in alarmed panic mode, I got deeper with questioning the beliefs that are under the surface causing the dysregulation – core wounds caused during childhood.

The last step here is acting differently. For instance, in the past I might have closed off, become even more avoidant, exploded, cut and run, enacted pretty dramatic revenge scenarios, chaos, depression and shut down.

By being super duper mindful, and leaning into the spaces where I wanted to act out and instead showing up as vulnerably as I could muster, the whole dynamic shifted and unraveled.

New behaviors include expressing needs and wants, checking myself and where I was leading myself into downward spirals with stories.

One of my favorite questions to ask myself is “Is this true?” because I often lie to myself to maintain the chemical addiction cycle to misery and suffering.

Yes, the chemical addiction cycle to misery and suffering – I was caught in this loop my whole life. Walking through this fire has lifted that.

Liberation! Hallelujah!

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