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You’re Allowed to Want Ecstasy in Your Relationship

Sure, it’s nice to have a partner for the practical reasons of making life easier…but let’s be real, some of us are dreamy romantics who also crave ecstasy, depth, and insane amounts of fun with our lover. I think we can have both.

However, you may need some support.


Is your partner avoiding your attempts at intimacy?

You don’t know if they are enjoying it

You don’t know how to assess their level of pleasure or how to create it

You wonder if it’s just dead

You think it’s “normal” to have a mediocre sex life after being with the same person for years

You don’t know much about pleasuring your preferred sex

You feel shy and awkward when it comes to intimacy

You avoid into-me-I-see

You crave more connection and excitement and what’s behind the veil

You sense there is more behind the veil but no idea how to get therefore

You don’t have at least 10 ways to touch her vulva

You don’t know how to give a basic or advanced yoni massage

You feel bored with sex

Your partner would rather do the dishes than be intimate

You have hidden desires and no way to explore them

You think that your partner is the issue and that if you just found a new lover, everything would be great

You are unaware that there are at least 5 ways a woman can orgasm

You can feel her cringe at your touch

You’re not having intimacy sessions with your partner at least two times per week

Alternatively, you don’t have a partner at all because you feel trapped in a quagmire of anxiety around being with women.


All of these are symptoms that will resolve once you tap into your sensual power, shift your mindset, learn some new skills, and expand from your rut.

Sensuality is the space between spirit and matter, the language of the nervous system. We can interpret it as pleasure or pain. What we entrance ourselves to is what gets transformed from spirit into matter (ie what manifests). This is how the sensual is the spiritual.

Sensuality can be purposefully used as a tool to feel more in love with ourselves, life, and the world. For instance, delighting in food and drink, having the most sumptuous incense on hand, and crying to beautiful music….it can become a deep practice of self-appreciation. It isn’t about numbing or being compulsive; it’s sinking into the sensations of the moment, or fully feeling what is present.

This is part of what I teach in my intensive Tantric coaching programs…

I love intimacy and sensuality! I help people tune into and activate their natural sensuality to have better connection, intimacy, and sex.

Currently I have space for two clients. Contact me to learn how we can work together to dissolve the patterns keeping you stuck.