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Tantra – a path to Bliss in Form

pittsburgh tantra

pittsburgh tantraTantra is a method of attainment of FREEDOM. Emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom. It is sometimes called the path of bliss, as seekers are not to leave the world behind to seek their enlightenment, but to embrace and transform it.

Bodywork sessions helps us to find where energy is stuck and move it. Stuck energy or blocks, are the cause of many, even all, issues….learn more here.

Tantra is the practice of transmuting human sexual energy into spiritual practice. It is an ancient tradition of exploring and developing ones full potential in consciousness.

Special tantric techniques develop different parts of the brain, personality, and sensory abilities, so that the person may have divine experience and perception.

Experience the cosmos in daily life. Maintain that expansion all the time.

Tantra uses heightened energies, sensations, and awareness to go deeper into consciousness. When fear is removed, Tantra remains.

Expands and liberates consciousness through specific bodywork, breathing, and healing techniques leading to peace, bliss, and creative power.

The goal is to learn how to generate sexual energy and transform it into sacred love energy to send back out to the Universe. This most often involves clearing blocks to the energy. The blocks are the only thing stopping us from being in bliss and power all the time!

Let me help you to tap into your divine Shakti power in this lifetime so that you can live as a free and liberated being. What would that be like? To be tuned in and turned on by your own divine essence and let that part of you, your soul, lead you in this life?

Click over here to learn how we can work together in depth to do that.