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Let’s Work Together Virtually

Let’s work together one to one to move through your toxic patterns and begin the process of liberation of the spirit and body. All sessions take place on Zoom or other online platform. See you soon, Violet

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Dakini Truth Serum Sessions

Begin the process of accessing your potential in the areas of sex, sensuality, health, vitality, and desire.

Using tantric techiniques, shadow work, functional nutrition, and somatic experiencing, these sessions are about restoring vitality to what has been corrupted.

We will joyfully challenge patterns and begin to rewire toxic patterns.


Erotic Hypnotic Guidance

Using erotic hypnotis techniques and conversation, we will move through sensual or sexual issues including PE, ED, anorgasm, masturbation and sex addiction, and not being at your fullest sensual potential (including desiring a healthier, fuller, and more powerful c*ck).

We will discuss the situation and use element of erotic hypnosis to begin the process.


Sensual and Tantra

Want to learn how to please a woman more fully? Are you clueless with sensuality and desire to be more fully turned on and able to turn on your partner?

These sessions are for transmitting elements of sensual massage, tantric breathing, expanding your experience of sensuality, and using it as a tool to wake tf up.

We can craft the time to cover your burning interest through demo and instruction.


Ritual Sessions

Together we will do a ritual or a practice to bring you into the bliss state or the next level energetically.

We can do this in one of several themes:

Manifestation – we will go through the clearing, intention, and raising energy processes of manifestation, seeding your desire into the ethers.

Yogic Techniques – include asana, pranayama, and seed mantra

Lingam Breathing – this will super charge your lingam and sync you into your masculine power and the power of the Universe